If possible use a headset – the microphones are very powerful and will pick up ambient noises easily – also headphones seem to eliminate most feedback issues.

Locate the mute button on your device (slight differences between using a laptop, a iPad, tablet or iPhone) – so acquaint yourself with the controls on the device you choose to use. (Mute/Unmute, Video on/off, Raise hand)

If you are using a phone to call in – please find out how to identify who you are so your name is showing up and not just your phone number – nice for us to know who is there.

Set aside this time to be fully present in the meeting – try not to multi-task as the temptation might be there to check emails, work, eat etc.

When the time comes for others to speak, raise your hand to let the host or moderator know you want to talk and then be called and remember to UNMUTE your device! Say your name.

If you need to leave your spot for a moment for a bio-break etc. – please turn your video off – that way others don’t detect movement on your screen etc.

Laptops and iPad allow for a gallery view (above) so all of the participants can be seen – this makes the field feel very present  and intimate so if at all possible please have your video capability on.  The gallery view is NOT available on the iPhone – just an FYI. 


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