In the Shit & Piss With Hakuin – David Weinstein

One of Hakuin’s students came to him and said that she had experienced the infinite light of awakening in all things.

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Yes you are in the right place! This is Rockridge Meditation Center and David Weinstein, Roshi  is still our director. It is still Fall and there will be some fog burning off around noon. Wednesday and Sunday meditation as usual.

RETREAT: Sun. Sept.16, Fall Equinox Day with Illana Berger

At the Fall Equinox there is a balance of light and darkness. The beauty way is walking in balance, just as the cycle of time shows us and teaches us. 

UNBORN Again and Again – VIDEO TALK

‘I found a conversation recorded in the Pali Canon, in which someone asked the Buddha how long a human life was and his reply was that the length of a human life was one thought moment. ‘

UNCERTAINTY CLUB Remarkable 3-Part Essay – The Myth We’re In


We’re facing a generational challenge to preserve what we hold dear about how we treat each other, and to steady a world that sometimes seems to be shaking itself apart.

Sharing the Moon Meditation Community 

Taking a Summer break. Will resume on Sept. 9th – See you then.

An URBAN Retreat -Walking Naturally Being Unborn with Bankei

My teacher in Japan, Yamada Roshi, quoted Bankei as he gave me his condolences for my mother’s death. He said how sorry he was to have heard the news of my mother’s death and he added:
“But, you know, we are never really born so… We never really die.” 

UNCERTAINTY.CLUB: Our Online Magazine of Zen & The Arts

In the Buddhist cosmology there are six realms. One is entirely inhabited by gods who are angry. They like to break things, and

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