Chuang zi: The Sage Embraces The Fool with David Weinstein

A short video clip from a talk given by David at Summer Sesshin, July 2019.

Live Talk 7-9pm– Dreaming of Butterflies- Meditation & Dharma Talk with John Tarrant

If we want to fulfill ourselves as human beings, a good place to start is to see through who we are, to see through the dream that we are in.

Who Am I ? A Live – Streamed Talk with Rachel Boughton

Youtube – The most basic koan is the koan, “Who am I?” It’s a relative of “What’s this?” and “Who hears?” You’re trying to find the self, you, by losing the self.

Wu Wei- The Way of Not Doing and the Tao of Pooh with David Weinstein

NEW Winter Sesshin video tlak – David on the Tao of Not Doing – Wu Wei and Pooh