Go Ahead, Taste Those Three Cups of Finest Wine – Hosted by David Weinstein

Sunday, July 12th
RMC Zen Online 4pm PDT
The Universe

Zen online: Paying attention to what is arising in the moment, noticing the way we create difficulty for ourselves is a necessary first step for change. Quingshui took that step when said he was alone and destitute, but there’s a couple more steps to be taken.

Register: Fresh Girl Power Wednesday Meditation & Talk Hosted by Sarah Bender, Roshi

PZI Zen Online - 6pm PDT (alternate time)
The Universe

Register: These days I sometimes notice I’m waiting, waiting for powerful, incisive wisdom to bring forth fresh girl-power from deep in my meditation-ridden body-mind to meet the moment.  Or sometimes maybe it seems I don’t deserve the ordinary bliss of my meditation.  Have I earned it?

Ordinary Treasure Hosted by David Weinstein

Sunday, july 5th
Zen Online 4pm PDT
The Universe

The freedom that comes with not relying on anything is a treasure. So for me, the cave of the Blue Dragon and the Storehouse of Treasures got all mixed up. An opportunity to appreciate another facet of the way ordinary mind is the way.

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SUNDAY: July 12th
Online Zen - 10:30am-12pm
The Universe

Register soon for John’s Online Zen Meditation & Talk this Sunday.

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Weekly Meditation & Talks
Online Zen
The Universe

Registration links – A Weekly Schedule of Meditation & Talks with our teachers to keep us well connected during this time. This is all new for us, so stay tuned as we adapt to this new NOW. Wishing you well.

Register: Measuring Connectedness – Hosted by David Weinstein Wednesday 7pm

WEDNESDAY, June 17th 
PZI Digital Temple - 7pm PDT
The Universe

Register: Looking at a ruler and saying he sees his friend. He is not saying that he sees his friend holding a ruler, he is saying that the ruler and his friend are not separate. I’ve also been noticing that feeling of not separateness during this time of pandemic.

David & Goliath Revisited – Hosted by David Weinstein

SUNDAY, June 14th 
4 - 5:30 PM (PDT)
The Universe

Zen online- More than a story of the underdog upsetting the favorite, it speaks to the way our strengths have a shadow side, and our weaknesses contain a light.

Once there was a Magic Pitcher with Chris Gaffney

Zen Online 7-8:30pm PDT
The Universe

I wonder whether being in that pitcher was being outside the bottle? I am also considering how this set of events only happens once. Once, a woman raised a goose. Only one time was the goose grown, and only one opportunity for it to be free.

Drinking the New Wine with David Weinstein 

SUNDAY, May 17th
Zen Online 4-5:30pm PDT
The Universe

This koan lit up for me recently as part of my response to the pandemic. It reflected back to me the way I was drinking the dregs of my own making. Relying on my old familiar strategies to cope with things being turned upside down. It can feel as if I am imitating myself, rather than responding to what is arising in the moment. 

Online Booking – Conversations on your Meditation Practice with David Weinstein

SATURDAY: July 18th
Zen Online 8:00 am - 9:30am New Time
The Universe

July 18th, 2020 – Individual Zoom Conversations on your Meditation Practice with David Weinstein. Online booking for Sat. now available.