The Sieve and The Sea: Permeability and Fullness, with Cindy Marteney

February 23

As I sat with this koan, I found myself musing on how my internal sieve filters things out, parts of reality I would rather not encounter. I also found myself sinking, sinking, deeply into the sea.

Urban Retreat: The Last Word of Zen

April 25th
Save the date!

Registration coming soon.

Original Face: An All-Day Zen & Art Retreat with Corey Hitchcock & Chris Gaffney

Saturday, Mar. 21, 10am–5pm
Sky Creek Dharma Center
Chico, CA 95973

Koan inquiry is central to getting to the heart of the matter & creative expression brings us into the field of mystery from which the koans spring. Together, they provide a potent brew, nourishing in troubled times. No experience necessary.

Individual Conversations on Your Meditation Practice with David Weinstein

February 22

If you are a member of PZI, and would like to have a conversation about your meditation practice with David Weinstein, schedule online for Saturday.

Vows as Koans: Cultivating the Bare Field of Freedom

April 6 & May 4
7– 9pm

In response to the continued interest in practicing with the vows as koans since the end of our six-week investigation into the pure vows, we are going to offer two, five week, Monday night gatherings to look into the ten remaining vows. Drop-ins and first timers are welcome.

Urban Retreat – Entering Awakening Without Leaving Delusion – FULL

February 8th

New Urban Retreat @ RMC is FULL, but contact Vickie Miller for waitlist to attend: Hear the words outside the voice; do not seek for anything within the meaning.

Online Booking – Conversations on your Meditation Practice with David Weinstein

SATURDAY: Feb. 22nd, 2020
Rockridge Meditation Community
Oakland, CA

Feb.22nd, 2020 – Individual Conversations on your Meditation Practice
with David Weinstein. Online booking for Sat. now available.

What’s the Matter – Sign up for Retreat Conversation Times

Signups for Retreat participants only –  Saturday Nov.16th 2019: 15 minute conversations from 8-9:30 and […]

Walking the Sky With Feng Po-Po with David Weinstein

WEDNESDAY, Aug.7th 7-9pm
Rockridge Meditation Community
Oakland, CA

It is that integration with the body that allows us to experience the freedom to be unstuck and to hear the echo of the sounds of the Valley Spirit and to experience the freedom of walking in the sky with Feng po-po.

Transforming Dragons Riding the Wind with David Weinstein

SUNDAY Aug. 11th, 9:30am-12pm
Rockridge Meditation Community
Oakland, CA

In the Tao te Ching the music of earth is said to be produced by the spontaneity of the wind. The music of heaven is the music of silence. The Dragon traverses between heaven and earth as freely as the wind and clouds it rides, not needing to ask permission or explain.