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Registration links – A Weekly Schedule of Meditation & Talks with our teachers to keep us well connected during this time. This is all new for us, so stay tuned as we adapt to this new NOW. Wishing you well.

‘What do you think you must give up?’ Hosted by David Weinstein, Roshi

Sunday, May 31st
Zen Online 4-5:30pm PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen Online – It is helpful to notice if it feels like there is something that is lacking, in ourselves or the situation around us. Sometimes that lacking can manifest as a feeling of the need to get rid of impurities, impediments we have identified.

‘Alone and Poor’ Hosted by David Longerbeam

Wednesday, May 27th
Zen Online 7-8:30pm PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen Online _-Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and I think I’ll “escape” by leaving town or driving across some boundary beyond which there is no quarantine happening, and then I remember:  there is really nowhere to go.
So hope for an immediate change of circumstance fades.  It’s as though I’m experiencing an enforced not-knowing-mind. 

Register for John Tarrant, Roshi’s Sunday Meditation & Talk

SUNDAY: May 31st
Online Zen - 10:30am-12pm
The Universe

Register soon for John’s Online Zen Meditation & Talk this Sunday.

Once there was a Magic Pitcher with Chris Gaffney

Zen Online 7-8:30pm PDT
The Universe

I wonder whether being in that pitcher was being outside the bottle? I am also considering how this set of events only happens once. Once, a woman raised a goose. Only one time was the goose grown, and only one opportunity for it to be free.

Drinking the New Wine with David Weinstein 

SUNDAY, May 17th
Zen Online 4-5:30pm PDT
The Universe

This koan lit up for me recently as part of my response to the pandemic. It reflected back to me the way I was drinking the dregs of my own making. Relying on my old familiar strategies to cope with things being turned upside down. It can feel as if I am imitating myself, rather than responding to what is arising in the moment. 

Online Booking – Conversations on your Meditation Practice with David Weinstein

SATURDAY: May 30th
Zen Online 8:00 am - 9:30am New Time
The Universe

May 30th, 2020 – Individual Zoom Conversations on your Meditation Practice with David Weinstein. Online booking for Sat. now available.

Zoom Zen – Vows as Koans – with David Weinstein & Cindy Marteney

April 6th- May, 7pm
The Universe

5 Monday Eves ZOOM link – Limited to 16. Taking up the vows as koans, exploring the relationship between the vows and our life is a way of becoming more intimate with who we are and gives us a glimpse of not trying to control outcomes, feelings or even our identity.

New: Register for Meditation & Talk with David Weinstein, Roshi

WEDNESDAY, April 15th
Online Zen 7-8pm PDT
The Universe

Register for Online Zen – David will lead koan meditation & give a dharma talk followed by conversation. BYO tea.

The Cuckoo Calls Even on Zoom with Corey Hitchcock

WEDNESDAY, April 8th
7-8:30pm PDT Zoom Zen
The Universe

Zoom Zen – I often feel caught in my worst manifestation on zoom – a cardboard puppet of myself appearing in a tiny room, on mute. Even in the midst of the covid 19 epidemic I think about how I am appearing!