Koan: For whom do you bathe and make yourself beautiful? 

The voice of the cuckoo is calling you home. 

Hundreds of flowers fall, yet the voice is not stilled. 

Even in the jumbled mountains, it is still calling clearly. 

– Dongshan


When I stopped for a moment and took Dongshan’s question to heart, I found myself looking outside and inside for who and what I really love.

And I wondered who calls me to do this cleaning up and arranging myself. Who keeps calling me home, clearly and without cease, regardless of falls and losses, and even in deep, dark and perhaps very tangled places?

The voice of the cuckoo that probably most of us are familiar with is that voice that counts and ticks off the hours in the cuckoo clock on the wall at home. But the voice can also be heard in the woods along the river, if you’re lucky enough to be there listening at the right time and place. Do you hear it right now?

D Allen

Image above: D, beautiful D!

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