The koans we use open windows into what life is like when we are not trying to control outcomes or feelings or even our own identity. It’s about not believing our delusions so much. It’s the radical step of not finding fault with the mind or life itself, where our reference point changes, as we take the role of host to all that arises. Freedom has a possibility of arising in unexpected places.

Each precept, whether awakening to the way, taking refuge in the community, doing no harm, these are all gates into the empty field, where there are no categories and nothing to compare life to. A kind of radical realism can shimmer when we meet the aliveness of all of the moments in our lives, where even demonic torments start to transform and change as we stop protesting our own minds.

For the first time, David Weinstein will be guiding participants in our community through the first six precepts, which students take on as koans on the journey toward taking refuge, a journey students have taken in order to live the precepts, not as rules but as companions on the path of awakening.

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