Introduction to Koan Meditation with David Weinstein 

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Introduction to Koan Practice – with David Weinstein

Zen koan meditation is a tradition that has been held somewhat under wraps. Although koans, which are often the record of interchanges between teachers and students, are readily available, the sharing of similar interchanges between contemporary practitioners and their teachers have not been shared. It is ironic that Koan practice should generate a veil of mystery around it. Koans deal with things as ordinary as, ‘To eat when hungry and sleep when tired.’ Sounds simple, something we do all the time. But do we really? Koan practice invites us to investigate our assumptions about that, and everything else. In so doing, we become more intimate with who we are.

Bringing aspects of koan practice out from behind closed doors has made koan practice accessible to a wider range of people, which in turn has brought a creativity and innovation into how we practice with koans. Koan practice is conversational, between ourselves and the koan, each other and most importantly, a deep conversation with ourselves.

This class is an opportunity to taste koan practice. A chance to ask questions, meditate a bit and have a conversation. It is also a chance to check out the culture of innovation and inquiry we are nurturing.



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