Dear PZI Community  – August is the month of Guanyin at the Pavilion Under the August Moon.

Five Sundays with four wonderful women teachers who will appear as manifestations of Guanyin to teach us: Allison Atwill Roshi, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender Roshi, Michelle Riddle Sensei.

Sunday Schedule

Register August 9th with Michelle Riddle Sensei: 10:30 am – 12 noon PDT with all four teachers

August 9 – Michelle Riddle Sensei
August 16 – Tess Beasley
August 23 – Sarah Bender Roshi
August 30 – Allison Atwill Roshi

Guanyin is the goddess of compassion and clarity and emptiness. She has many forms, sometimes she has a thousand hands and eyes, sometimes she’s fierce, sometimes she is a strange person offering unexpected help on the road. She was the mother of the Buddha. She spoke the Heart sutra the first time. When she visited hell, trees began to grow, flowers fell, birds sang and water ran over the stones and splashed on the grass. The demons were much happier but asked her kindly to leave, since they couldn’t help but think that hell was not serving its original purpose of purification and indeed was becoming an attractive and healing realm. When she was drawn up out of hell, children seized her robes and rose with her out of the underworld. 

Join us for this new adventure with the goddess.

Also in August Jon Joseph will teach Mondays and David Weinstein will teach two Wednesdays. John Tarrant will be back in September in the Temple of the Golden Wind. David Parks will be back in September too and we’ll let you know what else is happening in September.

Recently recorded sessions will be added to the KALPA library – Join us as a PZI Member for unlimited access.

The Weekly PZI Zoom Meditation Schedule 

SUNDAYS: Guanyin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon

Allison Atwill Roshi, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender Roshi, Michelle Riddle Sensei

REGISTER for August 16th with Tess Beasley, 10:30am PDT



Jon Joseph, Roshi: Director of Santa Mateo Zen & Co-Director of SRCZ

REGISTER for Aug. 17, 7:00pm PDT



David Weinstein, Roshi: Director of Rockridge Meditation Community, Oakland

REGISTER for August 12th, 7:00pm PDT 



David Parks, Roshi: Director of Blue Grass Zen, Kentucky
David will be taking a break in August from PZI wide sessions.



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