SUNDAY, August 23rd  4:00 PM (PDT) – 5:30 PM (PDT)

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“Narcotics cannot still the tooth that nibbles at the soul” – Emily Dickinson

This line from an Emily Dickinson poem has come to mind the last few times I’ve needed dental care — at first because my previous dentist grumbled to me that the anxious patients eat up all her novocaine, and most recently after I bit into a peach pit late on a Friday afternoon, noticing over the weekend how large the hole felt from my tongue’s perspective, and how tiny my eye perceived it to be in the mirror. Emily’s line feels very vivid to me, and makes me speculate on what’s the narcotic and what’s the tooth and what’s the soul — am I seeking meditation practice as a narcotic, or maybe the tooth and the soul are using meditation to sit me down for a conversation, or maybe all of the above?

Please join me Sunday afternoon at 4 for meditation and conversation about narcotics, teeth, souls, peach pits.  Bring your own tea or beverage of choice.

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