This koan nodded at me as it passed by the other day, letting me know that it would return. It did. Here it is.

Once, a woman raised a goose inside a bottle. When the goose was grown, she wanted to get it out, without harming the goose or breaking the bottle. How do you free the goose?

When I was a kid we had a glass water pitcher that was just for show. It sat in the living room on a book shelf. It had ripply sides and was colored, reddish on the bottom, changing into green near the pouring lip. I liked looking through it – everything rippling and slightly distorted. It was especially good if it had rained and was summer time when southern Ohio was wet as the tropics. My pitcher viewing at these times seemed to bring that watery world inside me. Later, when it was hot and dry, I would look through my special pitcher porthole and it could bring back some of the cool, wet water.

I wonder whether being in that pitcher was being outside the bottle? I am also considering how this set of events only happens once. Once, a woman raised a goose. Only one time was the goose grown, and only one opportunity for it to be free.

We’ll have that one time this Wednesday evening.
Please join us.

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