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When Xuefeng and a friend took a walk in the woods, they saw a band of monkeys.
Xuefeng said, “Each of those monkeys carries an ancient mirror.”
His friend said, “The vast eon has no name. How can you talk about ancient mirrors?”
Xuefeng said, “Now it has a scratch.”

In some traditions a mirror is placed on the altar in lieu of a figure of some kind. While standing in front of such an altar I am not meeting the archetype of wisdom and compassion, as fashioned by some artist, reflecting their culture and ideas, I am meeting the reflection of myself, as a reflection of wisdom and compassion.

Xuefeng’s ancient mirror reminded me of that, as well as reminding me of other koans with mirrors. In one such koan the question is asked “What does the world looks like from the perspective of awakening?” and the response is, “The leaves of the Lotus are round, round, rounder than a mirror.” What is the roundness of the mirror? Surely we are not talking about its shape. There’s something about the roundness of the mirror that elicits beginner’s mind for me. The mind that is open, free, without conceptions, like those monkeys Xuefeng saw with his friend.

I enjoy the company of nonhuman animals for that reason. Xuefeng’s friend is a little annoying, like someone who you share viewing a sunset with and their response to my comment about the beauty of the sunset is their comment about the source of the beauty being pollution in the air. A big scratch in the sunset.

As is often the case, what annoys me about Xuefeng’s friend is the way I recognize myself in him and the way I am not at peace with that particular part of myself as much as I could be. When I’m caught up in the details of this or that, I miss the sunset.


ZOOM LINK: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/790373569

See Zoom Protocol 101 on Wednesday.

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