You’re invited to join an investigation into koans which address our ordinary lives. 
We will meditate with a koan each week before we meet to sit together followed by tea, discussion and sharing.

Exploring and discussing this way in an undefended  way in an intimate group can deepen our experience of a koan, and provide fresh insight into our practice and our lives.  There is no “right” approach or answer to a koan.

One of the koans we will investigate:

Chao-chou asked Nan-ch’uan, “What is the Tao?”

Nan-ch’uan said, “Ordinary mind is the Tao.”

When I began Zen practice, a good portion of my motivation was to seek relief from a certain amount of frustration and stress in my life.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I was seeking, but at that point I was at least sure that it wasn’t to be found in my ho-hum existence!

Surprisingly, Zen practice invited me ever more intimately into the present moment:  moments that include breathing, appointments, misunderstandings, sunsets, traffic jams, laughter, deadlines, and the flu season.

Is there really any separation between ordinary and extra-ordinary?  Between sacred and profane?  Between perfection and imperfection? Is it possible we are missing what’s right under our nose?

You’re invited to come for all 6 sessions if you can, but if that is not an option for you then drop-in attendance is certainly fine.  Donations gratefully accepted to support PZI.  David Longerbeam

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