Discipline? Present Like the Very First Time hosted by David Weinstein Roshi

SUNDAY: Oct. 25
RMC Zen Online 4-5:30PM
The Universe

RMC Zen Online: Discipline and Zen seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Images of shaved head monk sitting ramrod straight, not moving, inside or out, were certainly in my mind when I heard about Zen. Also there are stories about encounters between Zen Masters and the world that reinforce the image.

What is Lost? What Endures? hosted by Alison McCabe

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 21st
The Universe

RMC Zen online: I want to add that I did not hear what preceded this koan—that it was Yunmen responding to a student, who
asked, “What is meditating and just seeing things as they are?”  “A coin lost in the river is found in the river,” said Yunmen.  

Carrying Burdens Hosted by David Weinstein

SUNDAY, October 18th
RMC Zen Online 4:00 PM PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen Online- The experience of putting down the burden we carry is one of relief. The greater the burden, the greater the relief. The diminishing of the burden that we have carried for a long time can bring tears of joy.

Register: They Flew in From Nowhere – Hosted by David Weinstein

WEDNESDAY, October 14th
PZI Digital Temple 7pm PDT
The Universe

Register to attend; My response to someone reporting their disappointment about troubling thoughts not going away is often to ask, “Where are they going to go to?” I might as easily asked, “Where do they come from?” The answer to either question is the same, “nowhere”

Yours, Mine Ours Hosted by David Weinstein

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 30th
RMC Zen Online 7-8:30PM
The Universe

RMC Zen Online – When we know what is true for ourselves, it doesn’t matter where it came from, it comes from us and then we are not misspeaking.

No Wall, No Theft hosted by David Weinstein Roshi

SUNDAY: Sept. 27
RMC Zen Online 4-5:30PM
The Universe

RMC Zen Online: That we perceive a wall between us and others is the fundamental delusion that causes us difficulty. Perhaps Yunmen is bringing our attention to that fact. If there is no wall, my neighbor’s light is my light because my neighbor is me.

Register: Curiouser and Curiouser – Give Me That Reaching hosted by David Weinstein Roshi

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23rd
PZI Zen Online 7:00 - 8:30 PM (PDT)
The Universe

Register PZI Zen Online: I noticed I found myself gravitating towards children. Something about the way an infant or toddler reaches, apparently just for the sake of reaching, that felt more in the spirit of what Yunmen was saying about reaching. The questioner is asking about reaching the light, and Yunmen tells him to forget about the light. Forget about having an object of your reaching, just reach!

Register: Did I Lose It? hosted by Jonathan Meyers

WEDNESDAY, Sept.16th
PZI Digital Temple
The Universe

PZI Zen Online: Register – Spending time with this koan recently, a few things occurred to me. First, I took it as an invitation to relax.What’s wrong with being a non-attained Buddha? What’s wrong with being who I am, now, in this moment? Nothing, really. And yet…

House of Weeds hosted by Karin Pfluger

SUNDAY: Sept. 20
RMC Zen Online 4-5:30PM
The Universe

RMC Zen Online- Recently I called a friend and confessed having difficulty with an unsolvable problem. This is a habit—to see my problem as unsolvable, and to see it as “a problem.” (And here I am, at it again.) In response, my friend read me Shitou’s Song of the Grass-Roof Hermitage (a Chan ancestor.) Hearing it was an immediate balm!

Walking Beneath the Moon of Awakening Hosted by David Weinstein

SUNDAY, September 13th 
RMC Zen Online 4:00 PM PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen Online- Not thinking our way to becoming awake, but becoming awake to our thinking. Waking up and smelling the roses.