Register: An Impossible Task Hosted by David Weinstein Roshi

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9th 
Zen Online 7pm PDT
The Universe

Register: In the case of koans, inviting someone to fill a sieve with water is something that is suggested knowing that the person can accomplish the task and may even have already accomplished it, though they don’t know it themselves. The task is our life and we are always living it, whether we notice it or not.

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The Universe

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Director of Delusions Hosted by David Weinstein

SUNDAY, September 6th
RMC Zen Online 4-5:30PM
The Universe

RMC Zen Online – I sometimes think of myself as a connoisseur of delusions, a sort of sommelier of mistaken thinking. My meditation practice feels like the ongoing training in the never-ending refining of my of my ability to better appreciate the ‘sight’, ‘nose’, ‘palate’ and ‘finish’ of different delusions.

I Don’t Have to Dig the Well Hosted by Alison McCabe

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 2nd
RMC Zen Online 7:00-8:30 PM (PDT)  
The Universe

RMC Zen Online- This koan showed up like a well that has not been dug—out of the blue, not seeking it, or digging around, it appeared before me.  Oh!  This one, I thought to myself.  Something I have been seeking most of my life is ease and here it was.

The Valley of Life Hosted by David Weinstein

SUNDAY, August 30th
RMC Zen ONline  4:00 PM PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen Online – A valley supports life, feeds the animals who live there and provides fertile earth for agriculture.  It can do this because it is empty.  Being low, and humble it accepts the flow of the river.  Not filled with anything to block the light, it receives the warmth of the sun.  In its supporting of life the Valley does nothing and this doing nothing is an important aspect of the process of Daoist transformation,  as it is an important aspect of Chan/Zen meditation.

Register: What is a Good Day? Hosted by David Weinstein

WEDNESDAY, August 26th 
PZI Zen Online  7:00 PM PDT
The Universe

Register to attend – The prospect of every day being a good day is attractive. Equanimity in the midst of chaos sounds like a preferred way for things to go. It is not uncommon to think that after awakening everything is going to be fine, no more troubles, no more problems. Attaining Nirvana, paradise, is the goal, right? Depends on what Nirvana means to you.

Numbing Tooth & Soul? Hosted by Andrea Rubin

SUNDAY: August 23
RMC Zen Online 4pm PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen online – Emily’s line feels very vivid to me, and makes me speculate on what’s the narcotic and what’s the tooth and what’s the soul — am I seeking meditation practice as a narcotic, or maybe the tooth and the soul are using meditation to sit me down for a conversation, or maybe all of the above?  

Thunder, Fire & Lizards, Oh My! Not in Kansas Anymore hosted by Corey Hitchcock

WEDNESDAY, August 19th
RMC Zen Online 7pm PDT
The Universe

RMC Zen online – ‘We and everything we perceive are interwoven’ says Shitou. He whispers at my shoulder pointedly: ‘Perceive’.  I do see interweaving everywhere. What about ‘not interwoven’ though? How is that so? Is that the realm of the ME? The place I fall out of the net? But doesn’t something hold me even there?

The Sound of One Hand is Awakening Hosted by David Weinstein

SUNDAY, August 16th
4pm -5:30pm
The Universe

RMC Zen Online: Even as you struggle with the design of the seamless tomb, that too is your awakening. As one day melts into another and our time in pandemic stretches into the unknown future, that too is the sound of awakening. Can you hear it?

Register: Seeing the Vastness Hosted by David Weinstein

WEDNESDAY, August 12th
Zen Online 7pm PDT

Register PZI Zen ONline – Seeing the face, our original face, facing the vastness, can help us include the cries of the world. When it comes to doing something about those cries, it’s good to know the names of those things that we can do.