A 3 part Koan:
With empty hands I pick up the plow.
As I walk I ride the water buffalo.
As I cross the stream, the bridge flows, the water is still.

It’s good to empty your hands before picking up something else, otherwise you can overload yourself and drop something, or stumble and fall. This is common sense but when I am about to have a difficult conversation, what am I holding onto? Turns out it can be a lot. So what kinds of things am I carrying around? Usually a prejudice of some sort that a thing is this way with no provision for that way.  

I have never ridden a Water Buffalo but I think of them as big, solid, protective sturdy beings and riding one would give you an advantage to slow down but get there on a crowded road. The Water buffalo is an ally much like my practice.

There is a rhythm to these three koans, I feel the slow glide of the water buffalo, my ease increases as I cross the bridge. But wait – the bridge flows? A perfect example of koanic logic. 1,2,3, rhinoceros!

More to come on that lively bridge.  I will be meet you there Sunday.  Corey

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