Every day, Ruiyan called “Master!” to himself and answered, “Yes!”

Then he would ask, “Are you awake?” and reply, “Yes!”

“Don’t be deceived by others, anytime or anywhere!”

“No, no!”

A few days ago on a meditation retreat I was walking along the path with a friend who suddenly yelled, “D, you just stepped on a snake!”  I jumped back, saw a small rattlesnake coiling up into strike position, and felt a flash of adrenalin. Then I saw it wasn’t a rattlesnake but a harmless gopher snake trying to look tough. I thought the snake was a danger to me, but it turned out I was a danger to it.

Of course, I have much bigger delusions than mistaking snakes; some of them are like grand scaffolding  that I can hang my whole life on.

Which got me wondering: what clues me in that I’m deluded?
What clues do you have?
Do you have things you do to avoid being deceived in the first place?
Do you use your meditation practice to keep awake and free from delusion,
at all times, all places?
Does it work?


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