with David Weinstein & Cindy Marteney

February 3, March 2, April 6, May 4, 2020
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

In response to the continued interest in practicing with the vows as koans since the end of our six-week investigation into the pure vows, we are going to offer two, five week, Monday night gatherings to look into the ten remaining vows. Drop-ins and first timers are welcome.

Taking up the vows as koans, exploring the relationship between the vows and our life is a way of becoming more intimate with who we are and gives us a glimpse of not trying to control outcomes, feelings or even our identity. When we don’t believe our thoughts or find fault with ourselves or life, freedom has the possibility of arising in unexpected places, even in the midst of prison.Each vow is a gate into the bare field of freedom, where there are no categories and nothing to compare life to. When we meet the aliveness of the moments in our lives, even when the demons of our unskillful mind habits torment us, there is the possibility of the situation to transform, as we recognize what is arising for what it is and stop protesting against reality and our minds.

In February, we will start with conversations on the first five of the ten remaining vows. Then, again in April, we will take up the remaining five vows.  We will spend time with each vow as a koan, as we do in our regular gatherings. As in our regular gatherings we will invite each other to bring our lives into the conversation and also to bring something, an object, poem, song, memory, anything, that speaks us about the vow we are looking into. In this way, the vows become alive in our lives and practice, not as rules, but as companions on the path of awakening.

Email David or Cindy at: dw.weinstein@gmail.com, cindy@themarteneygroup.com
Zoom link will be provided before the event to those who have signed up.

Suggested donation: $10 per evening for members and $12 for non members.

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