A student said to Fayan, “I am Huichao. What is Buddha?”                                 
Fayan replied, “You are Huichao!”

Yuanwu, the compiler of the Blue Cliff Record had this to say about this koan:

People of later times just made up interpretations of these words.
Some say, “Huichao is himself Buddha; that is why Fayan answered as he did.”
Some say, “It’s much like riding an ox searching for an ox.”
Some say, “The asking is it.”
How is any of this relevant?
If you go on understanding like this, not only do you turn against yourself,
but you seriously demean that ancient teacher.

That pretty much takes away any rational understanding that I might have about this koan.

What’s left?

—David Weinstein, June 25th, 2024

David Weinstein Roshi


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