The Rockridge Meditation Community teachers offer encouragement in the practice of  koan meditation.

You can meet a variety of our teachers as they take turns leading at our meeting place in Oakland on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings. There is also a monthly introduction to koan meditation class. Meet some of our regular Community Leaders as well.


John Tarrant, Roshi


Director of the Pacific Zen Institute.
“I’m interested in Zen as a way that transforms the mind. This makes me an innovator. I studied and taught Zen in a classical manner for about 15 years before developing new ways of introducing koans that even people with no experience of meditation can find useful.” – John Tarrant
tarrantworks is John’s personal site. Articles, poems and event designs are here.zenosaurus is his blog and primer on how to work with koans in a way that is actually meant to change your life.Books: Bring Me The Rhinoceros — and Other Zen Koans That Will Save Your Life (This is a calling card for our approach to Zen) and The Light Inside the Dark: Zen, Soul & the Spiritual Life (This is an integration of Zen and western approaches, especially art, Jungian work and the imagination) Link for Dana donation

 David Weinstein, Roshi

David Weinstein, Roshi, is the Director of the Rockridge Meditation Community where he teaches regularly. As the Senior Supervising Teacher of PZI he oversees the teacher training program. He is interested in discovering Zen practice in the midst of ordinary life. He is especially interested helping people cultivate an appreciation of koan practice as a way of recognizing our lives as works of art.

David is available for members to have conversations about koan meditation practice twice a month on alternate Saturdays.

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Rachel Boughton, Roshi

Rachel Boughton. Roshi
Rachel Boughton, Roshi, discovered meditation long ago, by a fortuitous accident when she was in high school, after reading a book and sending off 25 cents for instructions. This led to an interest in teaching beginners and she has been developing classes to introduce people to both koans and meditation which she teaches at PZI centers. She is the director of the Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center. She has taught meditation for 15 years and been with Pacific Zen Institute since 2001. She is also a sculptor and graphic artist and writes a blog about meditation called Zennotes. You can contact her through santarosazen.orgLink for Dana donation


Jon Joseph, Roshi

Jon Joseph, Roshi

is the practice leader of San Mateo Zen, and holding teacher for Desert Lotus Zen. He started practicing Zen meditation with a group of friends and their Spanish teacher while in high school. He moved his practice for a couple of years through wilderness cabins and logging camps in Alaska, while continuing to attend sesshin at ZCLA under Taizan Maezumi Roshi, and now throws his hat in with koan work and PZI.

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