We Gather To Meditate On:

Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
As on Sundays there is no such thing as ‘late’ and you are welcome to join us whenever  you can for however long you can. There is only one period of meditation ranging between 25 and 40 minutes depending on who is leading the meditation. After the period of meditation we have a period of tea and conversation, visiting with each other, getting to know each other better. Then we come back together as a group and share our experiences of meditating with the koan.Every 3rd Wednesday is Community Night which is live streamed on PZI’s YouTube pageOn  3rd Wednesdays, the order of events is a little different, the ‘tea party’ is at the end and extended.We invite folks to bring something to eat, or drink and we share that and enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed way, though under the influence of having just meditated together.

Sunday Mornings at 9:30am – 12pm
You are welcome to arrive any time, the first meditation period begins at 9:30. If you arrive after that, put your shoes in the shoe rack in the waiting room which is to the left at the end of the entrance hallway. We try to be aware of first time participants and hopefully someone will meet you in the waiting room. If you are not met by someone, find a chair or cushion in the meditation room, which is the first door on your right as you enter the building.
​There are three 25 minute periods of meditation, with a 5 minute period of random meditation in between each. At 11:00 we have tea and visit with each other, community is an important aspect of our practice. We then come back together as a group and share our experiences of meditating with the koan that was introduced for the day. 

NOTE: 12:30-1:00pm on scheduled Sundays each month we offer a free Introduction to Meditation Class following our regular meditation.

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