Next Community Night : When we can gather together again safely.

When is it?
The 3rd Wednesday of Every Month
What is RMC Community Night?

Community Night is a chance to practice meditation in action, in the midst of our lives. Eating and drinking and conversing together is a unique opportunity to notice the way the practice of paying attention is present, or not, where the ‘rubber’ of our practice meets the ‘road’ of our life. Becoming intimate with the workings of our heart/mind while sitting quietly is helpful, but, if it isn’t present in our day to day lives, what’s the point?

Community Night is a chance to do that in a safe environment. It is also a time to discover and strengthen connections between each other and the community that is the container of our practice.

We honor the importance of community by purposely placing a break in the middle, between quietly sitting together and the group conversation about the koan.  It is a way to provide an opportunity during each of our gatherings, to practice in the midst of our lives. On Community Night we have the break for ‘random meditation’ after the meditation and group discussion and are able to luxuriate in each other’s company for a bit longer than usual.

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