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Sept. 16th-22nd

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18th, 7-9pm:  Gliding Into the Waste-Bin with David Weinstein

‘Medicine and sickness are a pair difficult to separate.
When the bottom is filled with rubbish, just walk through the sludge.
Do not laugh at the snail, meandering in its own slime.’

–– Hongzhi

This quote from Hongzhi reminds me that in some meditation traditions, people who practice meditation for the benefit of other people as their motivation, are likened to peacocks. It is said that the brilliant colors in the tail of the peacock’s feathers come from the fact that the peacock eats poison and transmutes it into those brilliant colors.

As yucky as snail slime might be to us, it’s what allows the snail to glide along the way it does. When my mind is filled with rubbish, that gets in the way of my experiencing the moment as it is arising, trying to get rid of that rubbish creates more rubbish.

The reference to ‘medicine and sickness’ goes back to a teacher named Yunmen, who lived more than 200 years before Hongzhi. Yunmen is noted for talking about the highest wisdom as being represented by a dried shitstick, or the flower fence around the latrine. Going to the other end of the gastrointestinal tract, he often referred to the highest wisdom as being cake or cookies. To be able to find our life in the midst of the rubbish and sludge is not to ‘make do’ with a bad situation, but to glide along like that snail.

Join us for an extended conversation and refreshments on Community Night – everyone welcome


SUNDAY, Sept. 22nd, 9:30am-12pm:  Beyond Mind, Beyond ‘Buddha’ with David Longerbeam

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