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MONDAY, Sept 23rd 7-9pm – 5th Monday Group of 6!

Exploring the Precepts: 
A Path to Cultivating the Empty Field with David Weinstein & Cindy Marteney

6 consecutive Monday evenings, 7-9pm.
Drop-in’s welcome.


WEDNESDAY, Sept. 25th, 7-9pm:  The Frog Zen of Poet Basho with Jon Joseph


Furu ike ya                    The old pond!
Kawazu tobikomu        A frog jumps in
Mizu no oto                    Plop

In the world of Zen poetry, when Basho wrote the above poem, the frog’s Plop resonated throughout the universe. And it is still resonating. Basho took Japanese poetry out of its lofty, elite heights and brought it down to the world of the common people; down to the ordinary life, ordinary mind. As one translator commented: “He wrote of dusty roads, bird songs, and cool breezes; of ideas, emotions, and of recollections; of folk lore, ancient poetry, and Japanese history–playing with these forms and their words in a way that resonates deep experience.”The word “Haiku” means “Play verse.” So along with our meditation we will play with writing verse; playing with the universe. We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday night at RMC.


SUNDAY, Sept. 29th, 9:30-12pm: Needling You to Awakening with David Weinstein

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