Zen arose from the intersection of Taoism and Buddhism in China. The Secret of the Golden Flower is a text which uniquely combines the wisdom of both traditions into one fabric, sometimes called “Zen with Details.

The text talks about savoring the experience of meditation in its many flavors. By learning to better pay attention to what those flavors are we are able to have a fuller experience of life.

About This Retreat

The Urban Retreat format is a user-friendly, easily-approachable way of participating in a meditation retreat and experiencing the benefits doing one.

David Weinstein, Roshi

Starting at 9:30am, we will have three 25 minute periods of meditation with a 5 minute break in between each. Then we will explore the “random meditation” of having tea and conversation together before comparing field notes about our experience with the koan. We will have a two hour break for lunch; bring your own, or explore one of the fine restaurants in Rockridge. Then we will do it again in the afternoon, to the same rhythm, ending at 5:00 pm.

The retreat will be limited to 16 people to preserve an intimate atmosphere for sharing deeply what arises in the meditation.

David Weinstein, Roshi

Registrar: Vickie Miller,  David Weinstein, Roshi


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