Walking The Mystery Path Together – John’s New Year’s Message

John Tarrant, Roshi, Director of PZI and author, talks about the mystery of meditation as he first experienced it in the primeval forests of Queensland; about transformation on the ancient koan path we follow; and the evolution of PZI as a community.

Regular Sitting Schedule

Sunday Morning
Wednesday Night

Chuang zi: The Sage Embraces The Fool with David Weinstein

A short video clip from a talk given by David at Summer Sesshin, July 2019.

Art work from Urban Retreat

Art work by participants of Urban Retreat – Gestating the Spiritual Embryo with David Wienstein & Michael Hofmann

March 21-24 – The Dragon of Requirement – An Open Mind Retreat with John Tarrant

Register Now – a dragon will save you.

Hands & Eyes of Mercy – A streamed talk by John Tarrant

Monday Jan.7th, 7-9pm. All the little moments of seeing into life, the gifts that come to us when we were not looking, they are the touches of mercy. It is a good thing to note them and appreciate them and accept the blessing.

Closed for Retreat Dec. 30th – Back Jan. 2nd

RMC is closed for Year’s End Retreat with John Tarrant – you can still sign up to join us.

A Thousand Mountains Covered With Snow – A Daylong Retreat with Rachel Boughton

The winter is a time for the world to come to rest, all of us along with all the other mountains.

Feb. 9th – Lunar New Year Urban Retreat – We Come From the Light and Return to It 

Registration closed – there is now a wait list for Saturday: Feb. 9th Lunar New Year Urban Retreat on 9:30-5pm @ RMC

Years’ End RETREAT @ RMC – At the Threshold of the New Time – John Tarrant

Annual PZI Benefit Retreat Dec. 29-30 with John Tarrant -At the end of the year we clean house (the Japanese custom), pay debts, carouse, mourn the beauties and losses of the old year..