Saturday, December 15th

Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center

Santa Rosa, CA

The winter is a time for the world to come to rest, all of us along with all the other mountains. The things of the world affect us, move us, turn us around and around, but there’s also something underneath, deep and rooted, that holds us.

The I Ching hexagram 33 is the image of sky over mountain: “In solitude you penetrate everywhere, occupying a potent place, steely as a mountain in cloud, agreeing there with all things, moving in accord with the seasons. And so you grow wise by brimming gradually out into flood. How vast, how utterly vast it is: the meaning of solitude following its proper seasons.”

We sit together, meditate, and learn from what comes to us out of the stillness. This is how we begin to let what’s creative and full of possibility show itself. There will be teaching, meditation, conversation, writing and good companions. Bring a dream if you have one.


Rachel Boughton, Roshi is a Zen koan teacher and Jungian Analyst-in-training (CGJI Zurich) as well as a sculptor and writer. She is interested in what happens when we sit back, pay attention, and are interested in what comes to meet us.

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