Chuang zi: The Sage Embraces The Fool with David Weinstein

A short video clip from a talk given by David at Summer Sesshin, July 2019.

Art work from Urban Retreat

Art work by participants of Urban Retreat – Gestating the Spiritual Embryo with David Wienstein & Michael Hofmann

A Thousand Mountains Covered With Snow – A Daylong Retreat with Rachel Boughton

The winter is a time for the world to come to rest, all of us along with all the other mountains.

Feb. 9th – Lunar New Year Urban Retreat – We Come From the Light and Return to It 

Registration closed – there is now a wait list for Saturday: Feb. 9th Lunar New Year Urban Retreat on 9:30-5pm @ RMC

Years’ End RETREAT @ RMC – At the Threshold of the New Time – John Tarrant

Annual PZI Benefit Retreat Dec. 29-30 with John Tarrant -At the end of the year we clean house (the Japanese custom), pay debts, carouse, mourn the beauties and losses of the old year..

RETREAT: Secret of the Golden Flower- A Taoist -Buddhist Book of Life

This Saturday – Dec 1st 9-5 @RMC: Zen arose from the intersection of Taoism and Buddhism in China. The Secret of the Golden Flower is a text which uniquely combines the wisdom of both traditions into one fabric

In the Shit & Piss With Hakuin – David Weinstein

One of Hakuin’s students came to him and said that she had experienced the infinite light of awakening in all things.

RETREAT: Sun. Sept.16, Fall Equinox Day with Illana Berger

At the Fall Equinox there is a balance of light and darkness. The beauty way is walking in balance, just as the cycle of time shows us and teaches us. 

An URBAN Retreat -Walking Naturally Being Unborn with Bankei

My teacher in Japan, Yamada Roshi, quoted Bankei as he gave me his condolences for my mother’s death. He said how sorry he was to have heard the news of my mother’s death and he added:
“But, you know, we are never really born so… We never really die.”