Monday 1/7, 7-9pm 

Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant 

Yunyan asked Daowu, “How does Guanyin the Goddess of Great Mercy, use all those hands and eyes?”
Daowu answered, “It’s like feeling behind you for a pillow in the middle of the night.”
“I understand.”
“What do you understand?”
“The whole body is hands and eyes.”
“That’s very well expressed, but doesn’t say it all.”
“What would you say, older brother?”
“All through the body are hands and eyes.”

Life is uncertain and nevertheless we have reach out to each other, to enjoy each other and to delight in the sharp winter mornings and the birds who have waited over for spring.

All the little moments of seeing into life, the gifts that come to us when we were not looking, they are the touches of mercy. It is a good thing to note them and appreciate them and accept the blessing.

There will be tea, conversation, and meditation.

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