Live Talk 7-9pm– Dreaming of Butterflies- Meditation & Dharma Talk with John Tarrant

If we want to fulfill ourselves as human beings, a good place to start is to see through who we are, to see through the dream that we are in.

Being Unborn – Video Dharma Talk with David Weinstein

 Everybody has a place in the world of karma. What is yours?

Hands & Eyes of Mercy – A streamed talk by John Tarrant

Monday Jan.7th, 7-9pm. All the little moments of seeing into life, the gifts that come to us when we were not looking, they are the touches of mercy. It is a good thing to note them and appreciate them and accept the blessing.

Flavors of Zen – A video Talk with David Weinstein

David gave this Dharma talk at PZI’s October Fall Sesshin at Mt. Madonna

Flavors of Zen-Dharma talk with David Weinstein Oct.18th Sesshin

David Weinstein’s talk at last week’s PZI October Sesshin.

Throwing Things! Video talk with Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton is a doughnut maker throwing her dough and pans around with six arms and hands.

When the Wind Blows – Aug. 27 Live Streamed Talk

When the Wind Blows with David Weinstein. A live streamed RMC talk now on YouTube from August this year.

The Sound of One Hand – A video Dharma Talk with David Weinstein

The Sound of One Hand – A video Dharma Talk with David Weinstein this month. Now on YouTube.

UNBORN Again and Again – VIDEO TALK

‘I found a conversation recorded in the Pali Canon, in which someone asked the Buddha how long a human life was and his reply was that the length of a human life was one thought moment. ‘

Entering the Disaster Museum with Rachel Boughton

The paintings all left secretly, on trains to the Urals, but the staff stayed on, cleaning up after the bombings and providing first aid to the wounded, and surviving, when that was possible.