Audio: Sickness Heals Medicine with David Weinstein, Roshi May 6

Audio: Meditation & Talk with David Weinstein, Roshi Recorded May 6

Audio:’Still Reflecting & Illuminating’ David & Group Recorded April 22nd

Audio: ‘Still Reflecting’ on the closing of the RMC meditation center after many years in community there. As recorded with David Weinstein, Director & Roshi and members of the extended sangha on zoom. April 22nd.

ZOOM Protocol – What You Need to Know

Yes people can see you moving around and cleaning out the refrigerator:)

Great Doubt Leads to Great Awakening

David Weinstein talks about the great teacher Dahui – How great faith (i.e. acceptance of yourself or by someone else as you are) allows for great doubt, and great awakening.

Live Talk 7-9pm– Dreaming of Butterflies- Meditation & Dharma Talk with John Tarrant

If we want to fulfill ourselves as human beings, a good place to start is to see through who we are, to see through the dream that we are in.

Being Unborn – Video Dharma Talk with David Weinstein

 Everybody has a place in the world of karma. What is yours?

Hands & Eyes of Mercy – A streamed talk by John Tarrant

Monday Jan.7th, 7-9pm. All the little moments of seeing into life, the gifts that come to us when we were not looking, they are the touches of mercy. It is a good thing to note them and appreciate them and accept the blessing.

Flavors of Zen – A video Talk with David Weinstein

David gave this Dharma talk at PZI’s October Fall Sesshin at Mt. Madonna

Flavors of Zen-Dharma talk with David Weinstein Oct.18th Sesshin

David Weinstein’s talk at last week’s PZI October Sesshin.

Throwing Things! Video talk with Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton is a doughnut maker throwing her dough and pans around with six arms and hands.